Currently cycling 15,000 km across Canada. Find out more.



A bit of background

Throughout the years we’ve been privileged to work with many impactful organizations and individuals. Our goal is always to do meaningful work with people that we respect. This timeline is a work in progress and so far has just been developed to get the code written. More detail/links/content/images to come.


As the Raven Flies

Cross-Canada cycle expedition cycling 15,000 km from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific to document our nation’s past, present and future.

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Humans of Kingston Library

An interactive experience in connecting with strangers and building community through conversation, intended to deepen understanding and communication within our city. The final send-off to Humans of Kingston.

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Research project publishing 13 personal, intimate reflections on the climate crisis in the Canadian landscape, each representing a valuable perspective from a different region, culture and/or industry.

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