Currently cycling 15,000 km across Canada. Find out more.

What We Do

We get asked this a lot, and the answer is often varied and context-dependent. The simplest answer is we can do whatever you need us to.

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Current Projects

As the Raven Flies →

For six months in 2017, we are bicycling 15,000 km across Canada; from the Avalon Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean, to the Mackenzie Delta near the Arctic, to Vancouver Island in the Pacific. As we cross the country, we will develop an image of Canada as it is today—a snapshot of the present that provides context from the past in order to create a vision for the future.

Introducing Solastalgia →

Solastalgia, a digital publication, is an attempt to share a plurality of Canadian perspectives and their individual responses to climate change. Our hope and our vision is that by collecting and amplifying diverse voices from around our country, we can simultaneously get a deeper and wider, more complex and simpler understanding of this crisis that we collectively face.