Current theme : hope

Origin Story

Years ago, we received a postcard that said that the best way to get a chair at the table was to build it yourself. The author went on to state how much they admired our ability to shamelessly assemble furniture. So far, the assembly has been mostly figurative but we strive to make beautiful furniture more often. By far the most popular request we get online from strangers, so far, is how much we charge for furniture rental. This is not a service we provide. Yet.

That postcard was received around 02011, at the same time we were listening to Andrew Bird's song, Tables and Chairs, and reading Sheila Heti's wonderful book, The Chairs Are Where The People Go. Each year since then, we have focused on a different theme of research. We work on smaller contracts and collaborations all the time and refer to ourselves as a research, design, and documentation organization.

Previous themes in reverse chronological order have been: Hope (02021-Present), Habits (02019-02021), Harvest (02018-02019), History (02017-02018), Hiatus (02016-02017), Health (02015-02016), Home (02014-02015), Happiness (02013-02014).

ps. Part of the reason it is 'Chairs and Tables' and not the other way around is also that chat is French for cat.

About this Website

Code for this website is remixed from the work of Riley J. Shaw. I am Asad Chishti.

This page was last updated on February 17, 02020.